A Little Bit About Me

He was always quietly observing my reaction to new experiences, there to capture every single birthday, stage performance, gymnastics meet, dance recital, and love of life throughout my childhood. My Papa, was our family historian, and when he passed, I appointed myself the head historian at age 19. I am blessed with a treasure of photographic memories of my young life through his eyes and I know if he were alive today he would be very proud to know I’ve created a business doing what I love. Like him, I love observing, storytelling, photographing life and most of all meaningful connections.

Watching and capturing my own four children’s amazing life story is the gift I leave to them. It is proof of life through my eyes that they were treasured, loved, valued and truly wonderful and special. I find comfort, joy, and beauty through my camera lens daily because I seek it out. It is this beauty, storytelling, and honesty that makes my photographic art harmonious. Having patience combined with a relaxing demeanor gives me the edge to draw out my clients personalities with the end result being tangible treasured memories to hold, share, and display on the walls of your home.

I invite you to view the pure and true faces I’ve had the privilege to capture over the years. I look forward to meeting you and giving you that unexpected gift of being able to see what you project into the world.

xx Kati