March 17, 2015


It’s Tuesday, so let’s play some trivia!

1. What pizza chain warned the people to “Avoid the Noid” in the 80s?

2. What is the name of the 1980 album featuring John Lennon and Yoko Ono kissing on the cover?


My love for Pinterest is ridiculous!  I have created an 80’s board ( click <— there)      of all things I remember from my childhood.  I love nothing more than coming across catalog ads!  Look at the ad I found from 1984!  Remember Ewoks?  Gremlins?  Nothing says Merry Christmas like a stuffed Stripes doll! (wink)

Christmas 1984 Montgomery Wards Toys from Sears Catalog


1. Domino’s Pizza

2. Double Fantasy

Thanks for playing along!

All for now!



March 13, 2015

I met up with this sweet family of four, back in October.  Their location of choice was Rod and Gun Park,  which is absolutely beautiful in the fall with the changing of colors.   This session was a mix of lifestyle and traditional posing, and the ultimate goal was to create art for their family room wall and replace existing imagery already framed.  Together we traveled around the park picking out locations that really spoke to me and my beautiful family. Of course every location had great lighting! (wink)


Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0024

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0018

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0019

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0020

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0021

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0022

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0023

All for now!


March 10, 2015


As I’m getting back into the swing of blogging, I do realized that Tuesday Trivia Day, was one of my most popular topics as far as blog hits. How do I know this info?  I use Google Analytics to research my stats. Plus, it’s just pure fun to blog about anything 80’s!  So, I hope to blog more Tuesday Trivia posts on a regular basis.

I have been asked the questions:

“Why the 80’s?”  It’s quite simple.  Most of my child/teenhood was in the 80’s.  So that’s what I’m drawn and connected to.

“Where do I get my questions?”  I bought a Trivia Scene It? 80’s edition, so I use the questions from the game.  Easy-peasy.

Let’s pay shall we…..

1.Whose 1981 album included the songs “The Best of Times”, “Rockin’ the Paradise,” and “Too Much Time on My Hands”?

2. Name the 1986 teen comedy in which the title character informs his stunned best friend, “You killed the car.”

3. Name the animatronic teddy bear first produced by Worlds of Wonder in 1985.

answers below images

Talk about flash back….I always wanted a canopy bed!  Talk about rainbow hearts overload!  Check out the hamper!  Oh Yeah!

Hearts Bedding

I’m sure every little boy wanted video game shirts!  Raising 2 boys of my own….nothing has changed as far as shirt designs, just the logos!  Sadly, the custom name belt buckle, is not popular!



1. Styx (Paradise Theater)

2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

3. Teddy Ruxpin

Thanks for playing and I hope to see you next week!

All for now!


March 9, 2015

Let’s talk about the weather! Knowing that our temps will be in the 50’s this coming week, chances of the snow sticking around will be slim! I actually love the snow! Heavy snow that is. Large flakes coming down kindof snow.

As I was out yesterday, I drove into Carson Park just to look at the snow, and there is where I found Olaf! (heehee)

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0017.jpg

March 8, 2015

I’m sure you saw or maybe heard someone talking about this amazing video that showed skeletons with a person they loved, then stepped out from behind the screen to reveal how diverse their love really is.  It sums up at great point….we are all human.

Have a great day!

All for now!

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