September 17, 2015

It was a perfect cool afternoon. You know the kind that’s not too hot nor too cold and bug free.  Perfect I tell ya! When I met up with this sweet family at their newly built home in Eau Claire, their beautiful red-headed baby was just waking up from napping and the boys were deeply involved in the video game they were playing.  When I asked to see their backyard both boys jumped at the chance to be the tour guide and darted outside. Turns out they own a few picturesque wooded acres and Lowe’s Creek runs right through it!  I know these kids will have awesome childhood memories of playing in this creek!  Needless to say…this is where I spent the majority of my time photographing this picture-perfect family while they swinged and splashed.

Eau Claire Family Photographer_0578Eau Claire Family Photographer_0580Eau Claire Family Photographer_0581Eau Claire Family Photographer_0584Eau Claire Family Photographer_0583Eau Claire Family Photographer_0582Eau Claire Family Photographer_0579Eau Claire Family Photographer_0591Eau Claire Family Photographer_0586 Eau Claire Family Photographer_0585Eau Claire Family Photographer_0587Eau Claire Family Photographer_0588Eau Claire Family Photographer_0589Eau Claire Family Photographer_0590Eau Claire Photographer_0577Eau Claire Family Photographer_0596 Eau Claire Family Photographer_0595 Eau Claire Family Photographer_0594 Eau Claire Family Photographer_0592Eau Claire Family Photographer_0593


All for now.

xx ~Kati

September 15, 2015

Let’s talk shall we…

I’ve stepped back from blogging and sharing my work and heart for more than two years now.  That bothers me.  I know I had a good following.  I loved getting stopped at the park, library, or grocery store to talk and relate with moms who would read my blog and play my Tuesday 80s trivia.  Part of it was… I became too busy within my business that something had to go.  Another factor…as my children grow, I’ve respected their privacy to not share their lives so much.   But the one thing that bothers me most….I feel know other photographers in the Eau Claire community look at my work and try to recreate it for their own clients and pass it off as their ideas.  Let’s rewind a bit…4 years ago I had a perspective client inquire about my services. She asked me to recreate a tea party that I had created for an adorable client of mine. (You can see that session here.)  When I explained that I would love to create something unique to her own girls and it wouldn’t be exact since my sessions are one of a kind, she went looking for another photographer.  No problem. Can’t win’em all!

Low and behold a few months later she found someone to create the exact same set up right down to the coloring of the chairs, food, and placement of items, using my images as a guide!! I know…I know…intimation is a form of flattery.  But this woman and photographer devalued my work.  And worst of all, the session I custom created for my client was no longer one of a kind. (on a side note-said photographer is no longer in business)  So I changed my business social media and blogging practices and made the hard choice to not share any current work within a year of photographing the session.  I wondered how my business would survive not actively putting work out there.  Well..Ya know…it has!!  I have a strong portfolio online. (yes. I know it’s needs to be updated but it gets me work!) I have survived by word of mouth.  Client loyalty. Excellent customer service.  And ONE HUGE decision that makes me stand out…I don’t participate and parade my clients on social media. How do I know this?  My clients thank me!  That’s right!  They thank me for respecting their privacy!  Over time, I have realized, I’ve created a niche with my business.

Getting to a point to actually share the “why” has taken time.  But I’m happy to put it out there.  Life in these past few years has continued moving forward. My children are growing too fast. Conversations have more depth. I’m admitting I don’t have all the answers, and it’s OK.  I moved my mother across country to be close to me.  I’m talking pretty close, she lived with me!  I’m now mourning her loss that happened this past May.  I’m learning to live with grief.

I think what will help me is sharing again.  Blogging again.  Looking at my family images.  Creating beautiful imagery for them and not just giving everything to my clients.

This season I’ve committed to take on less clients.  I’m going to become my own client.  I’ve laid out a few realistic goals for myself and I’m excited to achieve them and see where the road takes me!

Eau Claire Photographer_0576

The image above was taken in Yellowstone this past July.

All for now.

xx ~Kati

September 13, 2015

At the start of every school year I find myself making new resolutions.  These resolutions are always different than the ones I make in January just to be clear.  For instance, I said out loud to my kids that I wanted to set up the Christmas tree by the end of October. Yep. I know that might be a little early for you, but it totally works for us!  Our tree almost didn’t get up last year and thanks to my sweet 13 year old for pulling out the bins and setting it up! And I also needed to clean out the kids closets.  Of course these are totally attainable goals for myself.  I did however set one huge goal that needs to be completed by December 1, 2015!  I want to create a Summer 2015 book for my kids.  You might think this sounds easy but if you shoot everyday and have four cute subjects…yeah…you get the picture (pun intended)! Photo overload.  But I’m determined to get it done!

Well…let’s get on with the first day of school snaps.

My oldest girl, Mallory. Yep. She’s almost done with school. Just the other day she announced she’s already board! LOL! Oh my. This is going to be a loooong school year!

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_0569


Another first for me….I didn’t drive my baby to school! He friend picked her up!  What the?? Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_0571


Then there’s baby number 2!  She’s my clown!  She actually started on the 1st, so she had to do two days of morning photos for me. LOL! Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Child Photographer_0564 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_0570

I’m very thankful for my little boys.  I love listening to their funny stories and receiving art to hang! I’m trying to keep them young as possible!

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Child Photographer_0566Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Child Photographer_0565

When asking for just a “nice” brother photo….of course I get this….

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Child Photographer_0567 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Child Photographer_0568

Buying shoes are a BIG deal in my house and it can take forever!  These boys take their time picking out their favorite style, and I always end-up driving around to a few stores because they can’t make up their minds!  So of course…I have to get a photo of the shoe choice! Eau Claire Photographer_0575

New backpack for this little guy!

Eau Claire Lifestyle Childrens Photographer_0573

Love that he picked out his outfit!  LOL!

Eau Claire Lifestyle Childrens Photographer_0574

Once again…can Momma have a “nice” photo!  Heck NO!!!  Eau Claire Lifestyle Childrens Photographer_0572


Well Eau Claire….I hope you had a great back to school start!

xx ~Kati


September 11, 2015

Rewinding back to Fall of 2010.

Kathryn Rose Images_0552

Kathryn Rose Images_0551

Kathryn Rose Images_0553

Kathryn Rose Images_0563

Kathryn Rose Images_0554 Kathryn Rose Images_0555

Kathryn Rose Images_0550 Kathryn Rose Images_0558Kathryn Rose Images_0559Kathryn Rose Images_0557Kathryn Rose Images_0556Kathryn Rose Images_0560

Kathryn Rose Images_0562

Owen Park was the backdrop for this cute family of four.  Their love of Packers and football is what it was all about five years ago, and I’m sure it still is today!  This sweet family lives in my neighborhood and I always see the mom out and about. We exchange waves and smiles as we pass in opposite driving directions, no doubt running off to yet another kid function.  Her boys are now taller then me and their ages have hit double digits. But for one moment in the Fall of 2010 we froze time.

xx ~Kati

May 9, 2015

Rewinding a bit.  Let’s go back to Winter. Before the snow melted.

Peyton. My youngest.

Eau Claire Childrens Photographer_0076

Not exactly what he wanted to do and wear.

He dressed up for me. So that makes him the sweetest 7 year old in the world!

Child Photographer Eau Claire WI_0080

Carson Park Eau Claire WI Photographer_0081 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI_0074

Carson Park Eau Claire WI Photographer_0082

Eau Claire Natural Light Photos_0078

Child Photographer Eau Claire WI_0079

Eau Claire Natural Light Photos_0077

All for now.



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