January 14, 2015

This time of year, “the beginning”, as I like to call it. I always look forward to starting something new and looking back on previous years for something I’ve missed, creatively. I do suffer major creative burnout mid-December and I can’t wait to find that one thing that will visually inspire me when looking back on my personal photos. To help me with the process of complete disconnect, I do not touch my computer once I close in December, until the first of the year when I’m ready. That even means, not checking my work email or responding to work texts, as much as I would like to. This vacation allows me to be more present in my life and the lives of my children. Working from home has it’s benefits, but of course comes with negatives too. I’ll save that for another topic.

In my personal life I photograph my children almost everyday. You could say I’m buried in imagery. Knowing this, I remembered creating a styled photo shoot with my youngest boy, Peyton, in the Spring of 2012 when he was five. I took the time this past weekend to look for it. Low and behold…I found it! (Happy Dance) I loved taking a trip down memory lane and reviewed every image I took. Funny to know, my little guy still looks the same, but he’s just older and wiser.
Here’s what I found from that April day so long ago.

The styled photo shoot theme: Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina


Once there was a peddler who sold caps. But he was not like an ordinary peddler carrying his wares on his back.  He carried them on the top of his head.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0014.jpg

He walked up and down the streets, holding himself very straight so as not to upset his caps.  As he went along he called “Caps! Caps for sale! Fifty cents a cap!”
Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0013.jpg


One morning he couldn’t sell any caps.  He began to feel very hungry, but had no money for lunch.  “I think I’ll take a walk in the country.” said he.  And he walked out of town- slowly, slowly, so as not to upset his caps.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0011.jpg

He walked for a long time until he came to a great big tree.  “That’s a nice place for a rest.” he thought.  And he sat down very slowly, under the tree and leaned back little by little against the tree-trunk so as not to disturb the caps on his head.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0006.jpg


When he woke up he was refreshed and rested.  But before standing up, he felt with his hand to make sure his caps were standing in the right place. All he felt was his own cap.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0007.jpg

He looked to the left of him. No caps.
Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0009.jpg


He looked to the right of him.  No caps.
Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0008.jpg

Then he looked up into the tree. What do you think he saw?
Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0010.jpg

On every branch sat a monkey. On every monkey sat a cap.  The peddler looked at the monkeys.  The monkeys looked at the peddler.
Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0001.jpg


The peddler spoke to the monkey’s.  “You monkeys, YOU! Give me back my caps!”  The monkey’s only shook their fingers back at him.  This made the peddler angry, so he shook both his fists at the monkeys and said “You monkey’s, YOU! Give me back my caps!”  But the monkeys only shook both their fists back at the peddler.
Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0000.jpg

Now he felt quite angry.  He stamped his foot, threw off his own cap and began to walk away.
Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0002.jpg


But then, each monkey pulled of his cap and they all came flying down from the tree.  So the peddler picked up his caps and placed them carefully back on top of his head.
Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0004.jpg


And slowly, slowly, he walked back into town.
Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0005.jpg

Shouting “Caps! Caps for sale! Fifty-cents a cap!”        The End.
Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0015.jpg


This was such a fun project to create with my child. My hope is to create a book of these images with the story within the next month.  I’ll let you know how I do.

Styled Session Credits:

Hats bought at Target

Monkeys found at the Dollar Tree

Blazer, Shirt, Tie, Boots:  Peyton already had these items in his closet.

Location:  Carson Park, Eau Claire WI
Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Photographer_0012.jpg

Cheers to finding inspirational projects to create this year.

All for now.


January 13, 2015

Cheers to a new year!

January is usually my month to take a step back and look at my BIG life plan. I also use this month to purge my house, connect with old friends, expand my business knowledge, and be more present in my children’s lives.

Do you have any big plans for 2015?

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All for now.


August 27, 2014

Thinking about having your portraits taken?  Come on….I know you have.

Scheduling family portraits is always first in our minds but last on the to-do list.  Why is that?  Why don’t we just nail down a few dates, call the photographer, and *poof* (no pun intended) get it done?  I wonder sometimes, if freezing moments in our minds is better than having a tangible print to hold?  You know, something visible to look at, touch, and remember.  Something that shows time has passed. Life went on, and the children have grown.  I wonder sometimes if it’s too painful to document a happy family, because we all know, it’s not rainbows and butterflies daily.  But then again, it’s the happiness and joy we give and get from our loved ones that make our life worth living.  They make waking up everyday and finding immense gratitude in the small and big moments that fuel our creativity, make us dream bigger, and give us inspiration to keep going.   Why wouldn’t we want to celebrate and document that kind of love, happiness and joy?    Why leave those treasured memories in the corners of our mind?

Lately, I’ve been so busy with life and work, that I haven’t made the time to truly watch my children play and be happy in the moment with them.  I’m going to challenge myself to pull out my camera and capture who they are before another month goes by.  I challenge you to do the same!

I challenge you to call me and let’s discuss capturing your family now. Just as they are. Before another season is gone. I can’t wait to talk with you!

All for now!


August 10, 2014

Yep. I heard it.  Those dreadful words that I don’t hear often!  “Mom, I’m board!”

Now these words weren’t spoken by my 9 or 6 year old, but by my 15 year old!  Come on now!  The first thought that came into my mind, “why can’t you find something to do?”  But I didn’t say that as I quickly switched into Cruise Director role.  I glanced at our Summer Bucket list and found crawdad fishing, sprinkler park fun, and Olson’s Ice Cream parlor.  I told the kids to prepare for fun in Chippewa and to call friends!

Visiting Chippewa Falls is a yearly Summer activity for my kids.  I know first hand how hard it can be to create your own fun in Eau Claire, and sometimes suggesting the Fairfax pool again is not what your kids want to do.  If you’ve never tried crawdad fishing in the creek at Irvine Park, think about taking your kids on a new adventure.  Just make sure you stop for ice cream or lunch at Olson’s Ice Cream.  I guarantee you won’t hear “I’m board” from your kids that day!

Eau Claire Fun

Chippewa Falls WI

Eau Claire WI Fun

Kathryn Rose Images - Eau Claire

Eau Claire Things to Do


What’s on your Summer Bucket list?

I hope you’re able to scratch things off in these last few weeks of Summer.

All for now!


July 31, 2014

I’m struggling.  There I said it.

I’m struggling to find my voice.  Actually, just struggling with how much information do I share in the public arena.

I miss blogging.  I miss sharing my life in images.

As my children keep growing at such a rapid pace that I can’t even keep up, I’ve become very protective about what I share.  Knowing that I have almost 2 teenagers in my home, I’ve become more respectful of their private lives, so I’ve chosen not to share personal images.  This is what I’ve struggled with.  I’ve withdrawn from sharing on my personal Facebook page, and obviously, here on my blog. It almost feels like I’m not a proud parent.  But then again, I have found while teaching my children about being social media savvy, the lines have become blurred somewhere in the middle when sharing fun, endearing, or proud parenting moments, it’s misconstrued as bragging.  I sure don’t want to be know as “that parent.”  My solution is to ease back into blogging, posting once or twice a week either a past client session or spinets of my life.  I think I’ll be able to find my happy medium by doing this.

Recently I took the kids swimming at Coon Forks County Park, and we stopped at Tep’s Drive-In for lunch.  If you have yet to make the drive toward Augusta this Summer, I suggest doing so. It’s close, easy, and fun for with the kids!

IMG_5823 web

Tep's In Augusta Yummy Food


Fun in Augusta Natural Light Road Trip around Eau Claire Family Fun Eau Claire area FUN Things to do around Eau Claire

Thanks for checking in with my blog. I do appreciate my loyal readers.

All for now!

xx K

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