October 15, 2016

Let’s talk about Santa. Yeah…I’m totally serious!   Did you know there’s only 70 more sleeps until the jolly man in the red suit appears?  Actually in our family, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, but I have created a fun Santa Experience to bring together this beloved Christmas figure as part of our yearly celebration.  Our family tradition is that Santa only brings one “can’t live without” unwrapped gift that the kids won’t leave to chance that mom and dad will come through and put under the tree.  Even tough my girls are 17 and 14, my youngest is 8 and very much a believer. I love how my girls help me create magic in our household every. single. year.  As part of my parenting experience, I wanted traditional Santa photos yearly of my kids.  Some people take that annual in front of the tree photo, or gather around a homemade gingerbread house, but for me It’s all about that yearly Santa picture. My husband thought this was just plain crazy at the lengths I went to get my photo but he’s supported me non-the-less. I just wanted a fun way to watch them grow, marvel, and have stories to tell yearly at Christmas, regardless if they admit to believe or not believe in Santa.   Well…there has only been one Santa in my kids life that has appeared in all of our photos, and he IS Santa to my kiddo’s and we look forward to visiting with him every year…he even recognizes us.  NO LIE!  Imagine my surprise when I was surfing my bookmarked news channels and I saw HIM on CBS Sunday Morning.  It’s a cute segment and if by chance you decide to watch you can find our Santa at 2:56 for about 5 sec.

Wanted to share with you a “few” of our Santa photo’s through the years. AND I just made my reservation for this year already. This amazing Santa books out early!

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