October 09, 2017

Crater Lake, Oregon.

I left a piece of my heart at this heaven on earth.  After exploring this park earlier in the day, I asked my family to return at sunset.

I needed a family photo.

I needed a small reminder that we were here

and we loved every minute being with each other.

We stayed long past sunset cuddling each other as we watched the full moon rise

laughing and dancing underneath a blanket of stars.

My favorite people as they wait for me to dial in my settings and level the tripod.

This was a test shot.

A happy accident.

This is them. Us.

Whenever I look at this photo, I still hear their laughter.

I have more to share from Crater Lake, but it will have to wait.

High season is upon me.

Sessions and orders need to be completed.

Thank you for stopping by.

xx ~K