May 16, 2017

Spring has come and I’m loving the beautiful blooms around the Eau Claire area.  This past weekend for Mother’s Day as my gift to myself I asked the kids for a photo of all of them together.  Since it was Mother’s Day no one complained.  Total score on my part.

Every day I look out my kitchen window and see this abandoned swing set.  Every spring I wait for the crab-apple tree to bloom and shortly after the lilac bushes follow. I throw the windows open to make sure the house can breathe it all the sweet smells.  We will be tearing down this swing set in a few weeks to make way for new landscaping. This swing set, worn over time and showing it’s age, is a reminder of how fast their childhood has gone.  There was a time when I remember watching the girls push the boys on the swings, blankets covering the platform to make a fort, and lots of games of chase. Just one more time I wanted to see them playing, laughing, and enjoying each other in this corner of our yard before this memory will be folded and placed in a corner of my mind.

xx ~K