February 03, 2018

Being brave isn’t about grand gestures and shinning armor.

Being brave is about facing your fears, and sometimes just getting out of bed to face the day.


If you’ve been with me on my blogging journey these past years, you know well enough that I’m not a fan of the long snowy cold month of January. One may even say I act like a grizzly bear and do my best to hibernate. I rarely leave my house which means, I leave all the shopping to my husband.  He’s a fan of my January reclusive slumber due to the fact it’s the ONE month out of twelve, I truly spend NO money!

My long “To Do” list that I love creating towards the end of December and have every hope to complete by February 1st didn’t…ummm…. really get complete at all.  You know what?  I’m ok with that and I owned my actions every. single. day.  Granted there were a few days that one might say extreme laziness took over (hey no judging!)….like when I kept my 10 year old home from school and we celebrated by watching Scooby Doo and Looney Tunes all. day. long. …and that time I think I was having a mental break down in Culver’s with my 10 year old when I miss-placed my car key and kindly asked the restaurant staff to help me look. They graciously looked through the trash, all over the floor, and even reviewed their surveillance tape and came to the conclusion that I did not walk in with my key! (Say-What?)  Gratefully, my daughter came to the rescue with an extra key.  There were many days with girlfriends sitting on my couch enjoying hot tea and deep conversations (best kinda therapy out there), lunches with best friends so incredibly long the server stops waiting on you ( I’m sure you know what I’m talking about), lingering (I mean would 2 hours be called lingering…really?) in the the massage chair after a pedicure because let’s just face it… those massage chairs feel so incredibly good! And that time Mallory asked to escape to Maui for 10 days with my beloved sister-in-law and saying “SURE, WHY NOT!”  with seven day advance notice.  Hosting my youngest daughters friends for breakfast when school was cancelled along with many sleepovers, and late nite Fortnite parties!

When I think about January and someone asks how I’ve been I’ll reply, busy.  I’ve been busy living with intention. I’ve been busy owning my actions. I’ve been busy finding my happiness.  I hope when our paths cross you’ll tell me about how busy you’ve been.

February is upon us, and my creative break is coming to an end.  I feel ready to greet 2018 and give it all I’ve got!

Oh….I did find my car key tucked away neatly in a pocket of my purse! (Gheez!) But I have now miss-placed my bank card!  I know there’s hope for me.

Thanks for stopping by!

xx ~K