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Hey there! Let’s talk about candid photos and how best to capture your loved ones.

Candid moments are by far my favorite images to create over posed. Now don’t get me wrong it’s nice to have photos where everyone is looking at the camera but let’s face it candid photographs seem more sentimental to me.

First and foremost before I ask my four kids to line up for a photograph I assess the location and lighting.  Let me walk you through how I photographed my kids when we toured the community of Pullman that I blogged about the other day.

The Hotel Florence has this amazing wide wrap around porch that provided me with even shade depending on how I positioned my kids. When setting up this shot I decided to back light my subjects rather than have them stand with their faces to the sun.  If you look at the lighting on the porch you’ll see how spotty it is.  Now as much as I love brick in my images, the orange brick would cast an orange hue back onto my subjects (kids) so I made sure to position my kids away from the brick wall.

I decided to position my kids on the railing knowing there would be strong back-lighting but I was hoping to create a bit of lens flare.  By having my children’s back to the sun this will allow me to expose their cute faces evenly and dial in my manual settings to expose for skin.  I also made sure to put my girls in the line of light to highlight their hair since my boys have short hair and the light would end up on top of their heads and shoulders. That’s not the look I wanted.  In the photo below I positioned everyone on the same plane to make sure everyone is in focus.

Next I centered the kids on the porch out of the strong patches of light you saw in the first photo.  Again making sure everyone is on the same plane and close.

Once I got my “posed” photo out of the way, I let me kids play and that’s where I know I’ll create and get something I love!  Of course I do offer guidance in the way of talking to my kids way too much but that guarantees that I’ll get something amazing for my wall at home.

Below I asked my kids to stand on the same plane and slowly walk towards me. This task is very difficult for my kids!  Someone always ends up running to me as if it’s a contest to see who gets to mommy first.  I then have to stop them and ask them to back up and try it again.  This trick always gets my kids interacting with each other and guarantees me lots of photos with genuine laughs and goofy interaction.  I never stop shooting.

Even though my kids are not cooperating (as seen in the photos above) I never put my camera down and they can play all they want because I’ve set myself in the perfect spot when great lighting so once again I let them play occasionally reminding them to stay on the same plane.

Ok…so let’s review:

  1. Assess your location and lighting.
  2. Dial in your manual settings to expose for skin.
  3. Ask your kids to line-up on the same plane.
  4. Position yourself in a fixed stance so you’re not moving, only the kids.
  5. Ask them to play and make a game out of it.
  6. Don’t stop shooting until you’ve got something good.

Because I run this “drill” a lot with my kids they know what to expect and therefore make the best of the situation to appease mom.  Remember the saying…if mamma ain’t happy…

The candid moments I shared today are completely and truly my kids and I love that I can still hear their laughter when I look at these images.  Therefore this series of images were a complete success for me to cherish.

Thanks for stopping by.

xx ~K




December 24, 2016



I wanted to pop in really fast before I gift myself some “chill out” time to wish you a very Merry Christmas!  As a self employed, small business woman, every year I schedule a 7 week creative break from early December through the beginning of February.  Now that doesn’t mean I stop working all together on my business, in fact I take online classes, attend workshops and trade shows.  But this much needed break allows me to rejuvenate my creative juices so I’m ready to offer those one of a kind sessions that make my studio services stand out.  I’m looking forward to enjoying my family this weekend and creating some Christmas magic and memories.  I still have one little guy that believes in the man dressed in red so I’m going to soak up all the Santa magic I can!  Besides chilling out, I do hope to blog a bit more during my break.  I have all kinds of fun stuff like family vacations and how I’m preparing and preserving lasting tangible memories for my senior girl to share.

Thank you for popping in every now and then to see what’s going on in my corner of the world.  Enjoy the Christmas season and I hope to be back next week to the blog and write about what I know and love…but if I’m not, you’ll know I’m taking full advantage of my “Chill Out” time and enjoying my kids and computer break!

Oh…before I forget the above image was taken by my brother in-law on Ventura beach located in California.  I’ve always wanted to fly kites with my family on a beach and I’m so happy I handed my brother in-law the camera, set up the shot for him, and asked told him to keep shooting!  So this image is one of my most treasured moments in time I will always have of my family, so it’s only fitting this was the cover of my Christmas card this year.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

xoxo ~Kati


October 18, 2016

One of the downsides about Fall is finding the perfect pumpkin.  I hung out with this sweetie for an hour or so and enjoyed playing with her at Ferguson’s orchard.  I’m happy to report she did find her perfect pumpkin.


It’s hard not to fall in love with her beautiful eyes.


The weather has been amazing for October in Wisconsin and I strongly suggest you take some time with the family to visit your favorite local orchard and create some new memories.

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xx ~K


This past weekend we celebrated first and lasts.  Mallory’s last Homecoming dance for her high school career and Emily’s first.  It was bitter sweet and I can honestly say I’m not emotional like some of my dear friends.  In fact I didn’t even see how beautiful Mallory looked nor take one single picture of her!  What the heck is wrong with me? That is so unlike me in every way possible! The girls did ask if I could host a party based on the dance theme, which was the Olympics by the way, and I agreed but then time just got away from me and they made other plans. So here I was Saturday morning feeling a bit sentimental and decided to rewind time just a bit. Let’s go back to October 5th, 2013.

The day was cloudy and the rain was on it’s way so I asked Mallory and her girlfriend to get dressed so I could take a few together photos before the nights events.  I’m extremely happy both of these girls are laid back as I know not all kids will go along with an impromptu photo shoot. Since photos are about the stories let me tell you about this one….

I commissioned my good friend and owner of Pioneer Carving to create the chalk drawing in the style of a magazine cover.  The dance theme was The Circus, so I kept with that theme through-out.   Mallory’s dress is vintage 1990.  In fact it was my dress and wore it to my own winter ball in 1992.  The jewelry she selected was from her great-grand mother Gross.  Mallory found her “bow” hairstyle on Pinterest and I helped just a bit, otherwise she’s very smart with doing her own hair.


eau-claire-natural-light-photos_4180 eau-claire-natural-light-photos_4181 eau-claire-natural-light-photos_4182

Instead of going to an average restaurant I really wanted a different experience for my girl and happy a few other mom’s felt the same way.  The week leading up to the dance we gathered anything styled circus to create a themed dinner.  Since the number of girls kept going up and down it was best to have more space to be on the safe side and not turn anyone away. So we transformed a room at a local church complete with a photo booth.

kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4105kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4106kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4108 kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4099 kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4098

The group decided on cuisine and everyone brought something to share. Totally easy-peasy. kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4101kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4112kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4100kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4103kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4102kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4107kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4109kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4104

Getting a thumbs up from your kid is always a good thing.  heeheekathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4110kathryn-rose-images-photographer-eau-claire-wi_4111

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me.

xx ~K





Is it just me or is Autumn running a little late this year?  Normally my October is loaded with families and seniors who want fall colors.  Well….it’s October 3rd and I still see plenty of green trees with very little color for my clients.  Of course in a few days we’ll see Autumn in full swing, I just find it a bit funny that my fall sessions really have no varied colored yet. It goes to show ya that even when you plan ahead the plan really isn’t yours.  (Whoa…getting kinda deep.)  So my cute seniors and families that are schedules for sessions this week will have to be satisfied with leftover Summer blooms. C’est la vie.

What are some of your favorite fall activities to do around Eau Claire?  This time of year we struggle finding time where all of us can be together for more than 4 hours. One of the things on top of my “Fall Bucket List” is to visit local apple orchards. Yep…there was an “s” on orchard and I want to visit more than one this season and find out what makes each one of them unique. Last year we visited Hillview.   This quaint family owned farm had an apple slingshot set up that kids absolutely loved. In fact we didn’t even get on the wagon ride to pick your own apples.  I ended up buying a few already picked bags because the kids spent a good hour or so playing with the apple slingshot. Kids I tell ya.





If you want to check out other apple orchards in the area Volume One published a listing of some popular area orchards. Check out that link HERE.

Thanks for stopping by.

xx ~K