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July 11, 2010

I just love mommy and me sessions! Grandma also came along for the tea party and bubble fun. 

Eau Claire toddler photographer

  This cake looks to pretty to eat! Her sweet mamma created this! WOW!!


Love her sweet pinkie! How proper and danity she is.   

Eau Claire Family Photography




This little one has the most beautiful eyes! 



You know how much I loooove rain boots! Kids and rain boots just fit together so perfectly! 




sigh….you know me…I love golden light!


I’m Albuquerque bound! Check back for our vacation updates!

June 22, 2010

A few things I love at the moment….DQ cookie dough blizzards, watering my garden, summer break with my kiddos, not being scheduled, anything Glee, Red Box movies, summer reading, strawberry and raspberry pickin’, dreaming about a shopping trip to IKEA, when clients become friends, and getting lost in his sweet beautiful blue eyes. 



Eau Claire Baby Photographer


Eau Claire Photographer sweet feet


Eau Claire Baby Photographer

Eau Claire Baby Photographer

Eau Claire Portrait Photographer


 I use to worry about the laundry, the toys that were scattered about and how dusty my house was….if I had only known then how truly perfect those fleeting moments were and held my girls just a bit longer….sigh. 

Eau Claire Family Photographer

All for now. 


April 13, 2010

To be cherished. Marveled at. Held so dear. Loved.


He’s such a lucky little boy to have all his mama’s love.

I need to mention that he also has beautiful blue eyes!


All for now.