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…because every picture tells a story…


This girl…she will graduate in exactly one week from today!

To say I’m very proud doesn’t seem like the right words.

I’m freaking over the moon with pride!

xx ~K


May 16, 2017

Spring has come and I’m loving the beautiful blooms around the Eau Claire area.  This past weekend for Mother’s Day as my gift to myself I asked the kids for a photo of all of them together.  Since it was Mother’s Day no one complained.  Total score on my part.

Every day I look out my kitchen window and see this abandoned swing set.  Every spring I wait for the crab-apple tree to bloom and shortly after the lilac bushes follow. I throw the windows open to make sure the house can breathe it all the sweet smells.  We will be tearing down this swing set in a few weeks to make way for new landscaping. This swing set, worn over time and showing it’s age, is a reminder of how fast their childhood has gone.  There was a time when I remember watching the girls push the boys on the swings, blankets covering the platform to make a fort, and lots of games of chase. Just one more time I wanted to see them playing, laughing, and enjoying each other in this corner of our yard before this memory will be folded and placed in a corner of my mind.

xx ~K

January 25, 2017




Mallory asked me very nicely to print some images for her to gift to her childhood girlfriend who bytheway will be an adult in 3 days!  WHOA!!  Yeah…talk about Disbelief!  I’ve heard my girlfriends who have college age and older children talk about and question “how did we get here” or the usual statement “where did the time go?” but I didn’t understand the emotion behind their words until I’m actually walking the walk.  My own seventeen baby will be an adult in 63 days and …I’m standing on the edge of freak out and joy!   Freaking out that I’ve raised a child to adulthood but inthesamebreathe so excited for her to spread her wings and see where her amazing life will go.  That WHOA moment hit me square between the eyes as I was looking back at my photo prints and digital archives rewinding life to the year 2004 and moving forward at a rapid rate to pull photos relevant to my Mallory’s current project and trying hard to keep the blinders on and my emotions in check as browsed through some amazing memories I’ve curated, fostered and created.  Dude…I’ve raised a child to adulthood.  WHOA!  Pass the wine please.

xx ~K

P.S. The above images were just a few fun scrapbook layouts I created for her sweet friend.


Hey there! Let’s talk about candid photos and how best to capture your loved ones.

Candid moments are by far my favorite images to create over posed. Now don’t get me wrong it’s nice to have photos where everyone is looking at the camera but let’s face it candid photographs seem more sentimental to me.

First and foremost before I ask my four kids to line up for a photograph I assess the location and lighting.  Let me walk you through how I photographed my kids when we toured the community of Pullman that I blogged about the other day.

The Hotel Florence has this amazing wide wrap around porch that provided me with even shade depending on how I positioned my kids. When setting up this shot I decided to back light my subjects rather than have them stand with their faces to the sun.  If you look at the lighting on the porch you’ll see how spotty it is.  Now as much as I love brick in my images, the orange brick would cast an orange hue back onto my subjects (kids) so I made sure to position my kids away from the brick wall.

I decided to position my kids on the railing knowing there would be strong back-lighting but I was hoping to create a bit of lens flare.  By having my children’s back to the sun this will allow me to expose their cute faces evenly and dial in my manual settings to expose for skin.  I also made sure to put my girls in the line of light to highlight their hair since my boys have short hair and the light would end up on top of their heads and shoulders. That’s not the look I wanted.  In the photo below I positioned everyone on the same plane to make sure everyone is in focus.

Next I centered the kids on the porch out of the strong patches of light you saw in the first photo.  Again making sure everyone is on the same plane and close.

Once I got my “posed” photo out of the way, I let me kids play and that’s where I know I’ll create and get something I love!  Of course I do offer guidance in the way of talking to my kids way too much but that guarantees that I’ll get something amazing for my wall at home.

Below I asked my kids to stand on the same plane and slowly walk towards me. This task is very difficult for my kids!  Someone always ends up running to me as if it’s a contest to see who gets to mommy first.  I then have to stop them and ask them to back up and try it again.  This trick always gets my kids interacting with each other and guarantees me lots of photos with genuine laughs and goofy interaction.  I never stop shooting.

Even though my kids are not cooperating (as seen in the photos above) I never put my camera down and they can play all they want because I’ve set myself in the perfect spot when great lighting so once again I let them play occasionally reminding them to stay on the same plane.

Ok…so let’s review:

  1. Assess your location and lighting.
  2. Dial in your manual settings to expose for skin.
  3. Ask your kids to line-up on the same plane.
  4. Position yourself in a fixed stance so you’re not moving, only the kids.
  5. Ask them to play and make a game out of it.
  6. Don’t stop shooting until you’ve got something good.

Because I run this “drill” a lot with my kids they know what to expect and therefore make the best of the situation to appease mom.  Remember the saying…if mamma ain’t happy…

The candid moments I shared today are completely and truly my kids and I love that I can still hear their laughter when I look at these images.  Therefore this series of images were a complete success for me to cherish.

Thanks for stopping by.

xx ~K




January 18, 2017

Hey There!  Let’s jump into what I’d love to share with you during my last day in Chicago.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5037

The weather was quiet warm…like 60 degrees warm, don’t need a heavy coat kinda warm, for our last day in Chicago.  We really wanted to change this visit up a bit and create a new adventure.  So we took a drive to the newest National Park in America; the planned community of Pullman and walked around.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5038


My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE participating in the Junior Ranger program and earning those badges.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5039

Our first stop and highlight on our walking tour for me was entering their historic Hotel Florence.  We just happen to walk up at the right time a park ranger was coming out of the entrance and asked if we wanted to look around on the first level.  He then proceeded to show us around and tell some amazing stories about this historic building that is normally closed to the public and undergoing some major renovations. How awesome is that!

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5040 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5041 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5042 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5043 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5044Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5045 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5049Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5046 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5047 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5048 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5050 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5051 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5052

After our hotel tour we started walking and marveling at this community.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5053Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5054 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5055 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5056 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5057 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5060

How I would love to walk under that unique brick arch.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5059 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5058


The front porches below remind me of something I’d see in San Francisco.  Love the purple. Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5062Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5067 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5063 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5069 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5070


The Pullman market stood there until a fire destroyed it way back when and the city didn’t have the funds to restore it.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5071 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5072


I had never seen a one-eyed cat so of course I had to snap a photo.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5068Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5064 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5065 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5066


Late pizza lunch at our favorite Chicago Pizza place. Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5073 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5074 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5075

Every year my sister-in-law hosts an business party and towards the end of the evening she let’s the kids come in and “crash” the party.  We take pleasure in telling the kids they’re the clean-up crew, just don’t embarrass us!

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5077

Every year the party is held at the Omni, and as we were walking to the hotel we noticed the even in full swing across the street. These images were captured on my iPhone.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5078Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5079 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5080 Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5081

Someone had to many smoothies! Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5082Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5083

One last “together” photo before the day is over. Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer_5084

My Chicago book is almost done and I will send it off to the printer soon. I wanted the book to be a Christmas present for my SIL, but I know she’ll appreciate it when it does show up.

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy the warm temps coming our way!

xx ~K