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September 10, 2010


Seniors! Seniors! Seniors! I’m having a BLAST working with and getting to know a few H.S. seniors this summer and fall.

Goodness me….look at this beautiful girl!


Eau Claire Senior Photographer 

You know me and laughter….I love laughter!  



Want to see more images? You can view Miss T’s slide show here.

All for now!


August 31, 2010


Yes…it seems I fell off the blog wagon for a bit. Sorry about that!

The kids are heading back to school and I’m feeling overwhelmed trying to get back on track and establish a routine. UGH!! You know me…I don’t like being scheduled!

I have lots of sessions to blog, along with more vacation photos I’d love to share……so… let me get to it.

This family belongs to my Mardi.

Mardi and I met the summer going into our freshman year of high school. So that would put the year at 1988! Goodness me….really? That long ago!! 

Take a look at her sweet family. You can’t help but fall in love with her “bug man, super hero, and sweet lil’ princess.”

All for now.


Eau Claire family photographer

   If you’d like to see more images from their family session press the play button.



What a Wonderful World from Kati Gross on Vimeo.

April 16, 2010

She’s my first Senior Model and she knocked this session right outta the park!

I’m still looking for Senior Models and you can find more information about that program here or over here at my new Seniors by Kathryn Rose Images facebook fan page. (Don’t forget to become a fan!)  Go check it out. Talk to your kids or your parents and give me a call asap!

I’m beyond excited for you to see this video! So whadda waitin’fur? Press play! This slide show is set to music so crank it up!

Senior Slide Show from Kati Gross on Vimeo.

Happy Friday!


October 11, 2009

Something you should know about me….you know how I love to photograph families and capture how they interact with each other, BUT, when it comes to photographing my personal friends and their families I get sweaty palms and knots inside. I sit and stew once the session is over. I over-edit. Over-crop. Over-think everything about their images instead of letting it flow. I pause too much until I have to walk away from the computer…and then I find my creative way.

She’s waited long enough to view her images. In fact I’m embarrassed to say how long.

I imagine she’ll be pleasantly surprised when she views this post all the while muttering to herself “what took her so long?”

Her friendship is what comes to mind when I think of my childhood.

We met in the 5th grade. She was my very first best bud. We shared together our love of Cabbage Patch and Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Played together every recess. We were the only girls tough enough to play soccer with the boys. We’d sing our favorite songs and make-up funny dances to “Let’s hear it for the Boy” and “Material Girl.” Our birthday’s are one day apart. (I’m the older one. ) We’d walk home every day together enjoying each other’s company before we parted ways going home to empty houses. We both came from divorced households. I was there when she broke her arm and still vividly picture her falling, hearing the snap, and feeling the cool breeze hit my face as I cradled her against me as we walked back to the classroom for help. For 10 months I constantly saw her face and we talked almost every day.
That was the only time we ever attended the same school together.

Flash forward to present day. Our boys were born six months apart and we have hopes that they in turn might find lasting friendship in each other . We never miss our birthday calls. I’m a part of her family and she’s a part of mine. We end every phone conversation with I love you.

And very much loved is she. My Chantelle.

Kathryn Rose Images – Slideshow that Rocks from Kati Gross on Vimeo.

All for now.

September 27, 2009

I’m a believer in these words;

“you’re only as strong as the people you surround yourself with.”

I’m truly blessed with her friendship.

Our friendship has evolved over the last twenty years. We can agree to disagree with no judging and total acceptance of that’s who we are as people, friends, parents, and mothers. I love her for that.

Although we don’t see each other in person due to being 1400 miles away we talk almost daily and have plenty to say. Believe me we do. We have cataloged countless memories. Memories I love to relive from time to time, although they are a little hazy I always picture us laughing. We’ve helped each other open new doors and find the strength to close others.

She’s been a powerful force in my “yes, you can!” department and is the reason I’m standing today being a strong example to my children, especially my girls, to go after your dreams.

My road to photography was a clear and simple one. I just needed to make that right turn onto the road and start my journey. I’m so glad I did.

This past summer gave me such clarity and inspiration. With her support along with Peter and her parents I was able to schedule seven session while on vacation with the kids in Albuquerque. I was able to work. I was able to be creative. Knowing that my children were in loving hands gave me the tools to be clear, plan, and be inspired and focused.

I’ve been home for more than a month and she has patiently be waiting to see her photo’s. I’ve been planning. I’ve been editing. I’ve been fixing this and fixing that until….the time was right.

Newly married. They don’t have any photo’s of them together. In-between visits amongst total chaos of five kids we would stage these mini-photo shoots. Nervous as I’ll get out…. this is what I captured.

Thank you Shara, for believing in me was I wasn’t even sure about believing in myself.

You’re only as strong as the people you surround yourself with… I’m getting stronger every day.

Peter and Shara Summer 2009 from Kati Gross on Vimeo.