October 08, 2017

I wake in the early morning hours when my house is quiet. Like 4am early.  Crazy. This I know. I just enjoy listening to my own music and not having any child interrupt my thoughts. Because let’s face it, being a mother to four amazing individuals requires plenty of downtime. (wink)

To help my brain dump and feel productive with personal assigned projects, I scrapbook.  Yeah!  I kick it old school!

Now, I’m not talking about scissors, tape, glue, pattern or textured paper, and cute stickers. Like pleeease!  I’ve evolved to a digital scraper don’t-ya-know! (Said in my best mid-western accent.)

My latest project (ahem, 2 years in the making) has been to create family Halloween/Fall themed yearbook(s).  I wanted a way to look back yearly and instead of printing a bunch of photos, my solution was to put everything into book format.  My plan is to bring the book(s) out yearly when I decorate for fall and Halloween and enjoy my round trip ticket on the memory express.

My favorite book publisher for my personal photographic projects hands down is Blurb Books.

Most everyone I know uses Shutterfly. Who can blame them?  Shutterfly offers a product at a cheap price point. But what you should never overlook, is quality of photographic products and Shutterfly is not about that. You know the saying…you get what you pay for. 

I create and order 12×12 books from Blurb for my family.  The books have on average 180 pages, and I upgrade the paper.  After all, these are my memories that will be handed down for (hopefully) generations to come, so I need them printed on quality paper to make sure they’ll pass the 100 year test.

My family themed Blurb books normally cost $167 + shipping (depends on how many printed pages), but I always wait for a sale that’s normally offered twice a month, and save on average $30-$40 dollars.  I understand that cost can add up, but my rational is that I no longer budget for film processing, so I’m exchanging cost of film + printing, for cost of printing books.  I do order one book for each child since my memory keeping style is to combine all images and not create individual photo books for each kid.   If I did that…I’d be a sinking ship and never get any projects done. But that’s just me.

What photo projects do you have going?

When do you make the time to complete them?

What steps are you taking to preserve them?

Do you make yearly family year books?

Thanks for stopping by.

xx ~K