September 13, 2017

Traveling the Going to the Sun Road through Glacier is something that shouldn’t be missed.  Since I love road trips and don’t mind driving, I know enough about myself that I do NOT like winding roads after…. lets say… 2 hours of driving!  Riding my brakes and navigating a fair share of switchbacks is not my idea of fun! I was dreading traveling this road in Glacier, only based on what I read online and one of my girlfriends mentions that she had a panic attack that stopped her family’s travel for awhile and spent the rest of the trip on the floorboard of her car. But I also knew if skipped out on seeing what this tour has to offer, I’d regret it.  So once again, I got everyone up early to hit the road by 7am to ensure I wouldn’t encounter much traffic on this curvy 2 lane narrow road. I’m the type of driver that wants to drive the center line and of course I can only do that when there’s NO traffic.  Hitting the road early to navigate and take in the amazing views was the best call.  If you ever find yourself in Glacier, plan to drive this road in the early morning. You won’t regret it.

Here’s what I captured.

If you look closely in the above photo you’ll see a biker.  Oh my…tons of people biking this road! Kuddos to them!

YES….I did ask my kids to change just so I could get a few photos possibly to hang on my wall, BUT the lighting was changing so fast I’m not to trilled with what I took.  It is what it is….right?!

Once we arrived at Logan’s pass we were greeted with snow and mountain goats. 

Kids of course got their junior ranger badges then cleaned up on souvenirs in the park store.

We arrived back at the West Glacier KOA by noon and enjoyed playing in the pool, hammocking, napping, reading, and playing plenty of card games.

Thanks for stopping by!

xx ~K