January 25, 2017




Mallory asked me very nicely to print some images for her to gift to her childhood girlfriend who bytheway will be an adult in 3 days!  WHOA!!  Yeah…talk about Disbelief!  I’ve heard my girlfriends who have college age and older children talk about and question “how did we get here” or the usual statement “where did the time go?” but I didn’t understand the emotion behind their words until I’m actually walking the walk.  My own seventeen baby will be an adult in 63 days and …I’m standing on the edge of freak out and joy!   Freaking out that I’ve raised a child to adulthood but inthesamebreathe so excited for her to spread her wings and see where her amazing life will go.  That WHOA moment hit me square between the eyes as I was looking back at my photo prints and digital archives rewinding life to the year 2004 and moving forward at a rapid rate to pull photos relevant to my Mallory’s current project and trying hard to keep the blinders on and my emotions in check as browsed through some amazing memories I’ve curated, fostered and created.  Dude…I’ve raised a child to adulthood.  WHOA!  Pass the wine please.

xx ~K

P.S. The above images were just a few fun scrapbook layouts I created for her sweet friend.