April 10, 2012


Its Tuesday….so lets play some trivia!


1. What 1987 sci-fi movie features a king named Roland, a sarcastic rebel name Lone Starr, and a robot named Dot Matrix?

2. What was the slogan of the anti-drug campaign created and championed by Nancy Reagan in the 1980s?

3. What 1985 movie character woke up his dad by blasting Van Halen into his ears through a Sony Walkman?


Do you remember the Lip Lickers by Village? I loved my strawberry flavored lip gloss and it fit great in the back pocket of my Jordache jeans. Wish I could still find this….I know my girls would love it!


1. Spaceballs

2. “Just Say No”

3. Marty McFly (Back to the Future)


Have a great Tuesday!

All for now!


  • Shana

    OMG!! now that is great! I also LOVED my Lip Lickers – those little tins – HOW GREAT! Watermelon and bubble gum were my favs!