January 08, 2018

TRUTH for today.

January.  I’d say on one hand this month is full of BLAH’s!  Then on the other hand it’s also my most inspirational month because I focus so much on not being BLAH!  I just wrote about the “tryings” to find my center in a previous post.  But hey…I’m also a realist to the core. (re·al·ist: a person who accepts a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly.)

Last week I was down for the count…lemme tellya….

Hayden (my oldest boy) and I accidentally bumped heads when we both reached for an item that had just fallen on the floor. WHOA! I was seeing stars float around my head and knew I had given myself a slight concussion. I couldn’t bare loud noises, focus my eyes to see texts let alone take the bright screen glow from my mobile device. Felt pressure on my head and was nauseated.  So in short…I missed 5 days, that’s right five! Cinco! Off my January  “To-Do” goal list just lounging around recuperating.  This was our first busy weekend in a long line of busy weekends to come and I was down for the count AND completely unplugged I might as will add.  None of that mindless scrolling and quietly checking out of real-time conversations happening here.  I’ll admit, it was amazing and I learned that I don’t know how to relax.  And I’m not talking about the kind of relaxing where you sit on your couch and turn on the boob-tube. (I’m sure some find that relaxing, I just don’t.) I’m talkin’ about quieting my mind. Shocker huh?  Well it was to me.  I think it’s God’s way of telling me that I needed to S.L.O.W down now!  Not in easy baby-steps that I can find in those self-aware journals I bought (check last post), but NOW!  So I gotta tellya…I have now added “learn to quiet my mind” to my January goals list.  Oh and I do realize it’s going to take more than the month of January to figure that out.

Remember…I am a realist after all.

Oh and Mallory’s home sick with the stomach flu! My role of mother never takes a break.

xx ~Kati