June 09, 2011

Creating a whimsical look to match Whippersnappers Boutique branding was only a matter of timing.  I wanted and needed Spring to be in full action with flowers and trees in FULL bloom simultaneously.  I don’t think asking Mother Nature to cooperate for my scheduling purposes was asking too much. (wink)

I am so thankful for each and every parent who went out of their way to make their schedules work for these session to happen, even with such short notice in some cases.  Thankyou Thankyou!

Onto the images……..

Let’s begin with our FreshFace winner….after talking with her mom a bit, I realized this little one is very girly even with two older brothers in her house!  Hosting a Tea Party was top priority on my list for her!

A BIG ThankYou to Class Apple for letting us use your property, helping me carry chairs, tables and many other props onto your property and of course giving me blossom updates.


Thank you Pomona’s Harvest for being so accommodating and letting us photograph on your property  very last minute!

Both properties are very picturesque and I encourage you to visit their orchards in the Fall when apple season is upon us!

To view the photofusion video created for Whippersnappers click here.

Whippersnappers Boutique has announced our Model Search date!

Come join us June 18!

For more information please click here

All for now!


  • It helped that Mother Nature cooperated with you for the beautiful scenery, but it takes a talented eye to capture the beautiful personalities of all those sweet girls and to create a look that showcases the true Whippersnappers style, as well. Exceptional job, Kati! We look forward to seeing you on the 18th for the Model Search. 🙂

  • Kati

    Thank you Christi for your sweet words! Jessica told me today you signed both girls up! Can’t wait to see them all dolled up!

  • Melissa

    Amazing pictures Kati!

  • Kati

    Thank you Melissa….it helps that I had such a beautiful subject!