Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. 

Growing.  Changing.  Evolving.

Choosing to be a photographer and creating a photography business is not something that is easily mapped out for me, much less anyone creating a business.  I am constantly learning, changing, growing, evolving, and hardly ever standing still.  When I launched Kathryn Rose Images in the fall of 2008, I couldn’t wait for clients to see my awesome website that I had spent many countless and thoughtful hours putting together only to find out, to my dismay, two other photographers in the Eau Claire area had implemented the same web design as me!  I was calling myself unique and I felt far from it.

I have come full circle with myself since March of 2009.

I now realize that my website is my hand-shake and my photo journal is my voice.  I truly hope my clients have a crystal-clear and concise picture of what Kathryn Rose Images is all about and know me as a person. Have a look around, maybe you’ll spy a pretty face that you know all too well.

Spring is upon us!  It’s time for a fresh change!

Like my new look? Leave me a commet and tell me what you think.

Posting without a photo is a no-no in my book……Here’s my Emily playing in the Texas long grass.

 All for now.


Eau Claire Family Photographer Kathryn Rose Images