August 28, 2017

DAY 6: Two Medicine and West Glacier

After breakfast we packed up our campsite, loaded up the van and headed south to take in the views at Two Medicine.

Reading up on the history of Glacier Park, I found that Two Medicine was the original entry point into the park 100 years ago!  Thousands of visitors use to flock into this now very quiet area of Glacier. I didn’t want to miss seeing this area so we drove in for the day before heading to West Glacier.

Sharing a few iPhone and canon images.

Yeah…we took a photo with a Park Ranger.  But he had THE coolest name…Ranger Griswold!  If you’re a fan of the Vacation movies, you would totally appreciate this photo.


While hiking in St. Mary’s we noticed these white bulb looking flowers. As you look out into the forest the flowers looked like fairies to us.  Hayden commented that he felt like he was “in Pixie Hallow” and got a laugh from all of us.  We asked Ranger Griswold about this flower and was told it’s bear grass. He also shared that he has never seen so much of it in bloom outta the 17 years he’s been at Glacier.  Awesome for us that we experienced so many flowers in bloom.

I always take advantage when someone returns the favor offering to take a photo of you with your family.

The water was freezing so the kids didn’t venture to far to explore. I couldn’t stop taking photos of the rocks in the water. They looked like jewels to me.

West Glacier KOA

Found this nugget of an idea on Pinterest and it worked well to start our fires but I’ll always be partial to lighter fluid.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m enjoying organizing and remember such fond memories from our travels.

xx ~K