May 16, 2014

Hello Friday!  T.G.I.F.!!

Friday is usually my day off.  Lately, well…ok….over the past 8 months,  I’ve been swamped and have neglected my blog.  I’m trying to figure out a new work flow to add blogging back into my business.   So today, I’m looking over things, cleaning the home office, and designing a book.  I know I haven’t posted any recent sessions in about a year or more.  That was a deliberate move on my part.  I became very protective of my clientele and knowing the images I created for them are private and meaningful…so why parade them around on my blog or Facebook. Yes….all my clients sign a model release, and they agree I can use their images to add to my portfolio via print or web based.  In keeping things private I have also cultivated loyal clientele that appreciates knowing their images will not be posted online.   As I figure out walking this fine line check back every once in awhile to see how things are clicking along.

Since posting without a photo is a no-no in my book here’s a sweet couple who didn’t have a hard time being playful with each other for the camera.

Kathryn Rose Images IMG_3722-Edit web IMG_3782-Edit web


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April 9, 2014

“Do you wanna build a Snowman? ”  I’m sure this is the number 1 question of 2014!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about…then you haven’t seen Frozen or you don’t have kids!

There have been lots of new renditions along with plenty of covers to this musical posted to YouTube.  Some catch your attention while others you can just pass by.  One of my New Mexican friends shared this link with me and I couldn’t stop laughing.  This is soooooo Albuquerque and found it very creative, so of course I have to share!

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April 8, 2014


It’s Tuesday… so let’s play some trivia!


1. Jasper T. Jowls, Helen Henny, and Mr. Munch are three animatronic characters at whose Pizza Time Theater?

2. Who sang, “People always told me be careful of what you do” in a chart-topping single?

3. Who was the First Lady of the United States when the 80s officially began?


Raise your hand if you ever bought this product!  I specifically remember wearing the deep maroon color (2nd from left) as a child.


1. Chuck E. Cheese’s

2. Michael Jackson (“Billie Jean”)

3. Rosalynn Carter


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March 31, 2014

I’m getting back into the swing of things after taking off for the past 2 weeks. I took the kids down to Albuquerque for Spring break.  It was so nice to go somewhere warm and not see snow. But in the same breath, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus with all we’ve done.  It was one of those vacations where you need a vacation from your vacation. Ever had one of those?  I will have to post some images from our trip soon.

The past few months (since November) I’ve been very lax in downloading my images from my iPhone. I made a personal goal this weekend to download and file my images away in the proper month folders.  Talk about a task! Whew…feels good to have that accomplished.  Here’s a look back at my week thru the Instagram lens.  Mallory and I are another year older!  Happy Birthday to us!


Kathryn Rose Images Instagram March 4w

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March 13, 2014

In my blog and social media absence I have been quite busy. My oldest daughter has left her quiet homeschooling realm for the busy public high school life.  And I have been one busy momma trying to keep up with her school and activities schedule! Some day’s I swear she thinks she’s an only child. and I question if I have 10 children!    Anyhoo….she still finds time (not very much) to keep up with her Creative Teen magazine/journal.  Her main project she has been true to is her fashion project called “The No Repeat Outfit Challenge.” This idea started last Summer when she wanted a whole new and very fashionable wardrobe.  As a parent I helped her see past the old and inspired her to use what she already has to create different looks. Once she got started piecing this shirt with that skirt….and these jeans with that dress…she was on a roll and had put together more than 30 outfits.  I then challenged her to go 30 school days without repeating an outfit.  Boom!

Well, she took that challenge and hasn’t looked back!  I do my best to photograph her daily outfit and I’m happy to say I’ve documented 100 outfits!  She has also not repeated a single look! WOW!!

Here is a short fun video we made together to explain her challenge.

To see all of her outfits and to keep watching you can follow her on Instagram and you can follow Kathryn Rose Images on Pinterest.

Kathryn Rose Images-Creative Teen

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Things might get a little quiet again since next week is Spring break.

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