April 14, 2015


Ready to play some trivia?

1. Jenny, Chip, and Emma were he three children on What TV sitcom?

2. In 1987, aging icons The Grateful Dead had their biggest hit ever when they cracked the top ten with what song?

3. What actor won the 1988 Oscar for playing a fictional character who was partly based on a real-life criminal named Ivan Boesky?

Cruising Pinterest not long ago, I came across these fun 80s fashion ads.  My oldest sister, actually had a pair of the stripped shorts centered. I only remember this, because I got all her hand-me-downs and I felt too cool for school wearing them!

80s trivia flashback_0068


1. Kate and Allie

2. “Touch of Grey”

3. Michael Douglas (Gordon Gekko in Wall Street)

Thanks for playing!

All for now.


April 13, 2015

Hung up on getting the perfect photo of your kid?  I understand. I was there once.

Family outings.

That was my solution.

Our family outings are usually visiting museums, zoo’s, atrium’s, and aquariums.  These places are controlled yet engaging.  Meaning my kids can’t take off on me at a moments notice putting their life in peril, like running into traffic.  I have four kids which means I’m a bit out numbered when I venture out, so visiting lots of gated or indoor places was always best for me.

Natural Light Photographer Eau Claire_0058

When learning the in’s and out’s of my camera, and how to shoot on manual, taking my kids to “fun” places, meant I could play too. I already knew I wanted to shoot using natural light with no assist from my flash, so having my kids occupied while I practice dialing in my ISO, Shutter Speed, and F-Stop; gave me the time I needed to figure things out.

Natural Light Photographer Eau Claire_0059

Photographers in Eau Claire WI_0060

Once I knew how to expose an image correctly in the manual setting, I could then tweak that image even more to my liking.  I learned from this experience through “playing” that I love bright, slightly over-exposed images. I also learned that I don’t care for my images centered. This is the photographic art I love to create for myself.  Remember, you are creating art and there is no wrong or right way to do so.

Eau Claire WI Child Photographer_0054

The photo above is of my boy, Hayden.  He loves that skeleton zip-up, and I have to sneak it away from him to wash it!  I’m sure you can relate to something similar describing a child of your own.  Anyway, when playing at the Como Park Japanese Garden a few weeks ago, I noticed Hayden hoping from one large stone to another along this stone-bridge.  The water hasn’t been added yet, since it’s just the beginning of Spring, but you’re able to tell how deep the pond actually is. I noticed how Hayden would stop in the center, and reach his arms out as if he was floating in mid air.  I also noticed he would repeat this stone-hoping action end to end, so I waited patiently, and snapped the image when he was facing me.  What I didn’t do: I didn’t interrupt his moment. Nor ask him to re-create the scene I just saw with my own eyes. I let him be. I enjoyed watching my child play. Dialed in my settings, and snapped the picture I wanted.

Eau Claire WI Child Photographer_0055

The image above was taken in The North Garden.  My boys love looking at the fish and trying to pet one in this area.  While waiting for his brother to finish up looking around, I noticed Hayden perched himself upon the stone bench and assumed the position above. (LOL) I was far enough away taking images of still life when I noticed him through the palm trees. So I dialed in my settings, framed my image, and snapped away!  Once again…I didn’t ask my child to interrupt his play, nor did I interrupt his moment by yelling “Stay there a sec Hayden! I want to take a photo!”

If you find that you’re kids are moving to fast to capture something genuine and picturesque, then turn your focus (no pun intended) to stationary life while you’re still practicing on manual mode.  That way you know you practiced a bit, then kick your camera back in Auto mode and capture your kids.  If you find yourself shooting Auto more often, then challenge yourself to frame your picture differently. Meaning don’t center shoot the entire time. AND please get close to your subject!

Photographers in Eau Claire WI_0065

So when it comes to photographing your kid(s):

1. Be patient.

2. Don’t ask your child to repeat an action. You’ll end up spoiling the mood and create fake emotionless images.

3. Study and watch your child.  You’ll enjoy their moments a lot more and you’ll learn to actually be in the moment!

4. Look for new angles to shoot from.

5. Don’t get frustrated or mad at yourself. You will have another chance to get your shot.

And last but not least: while practicing in manual mode, if you’re not getting the images you like, don’t feel shamed for putting your camera back in auto mode. Do make sure you ask your self what got you frustrated shooting in manual mode, then research and find your answer later that day. This is he only way you’ll be successful when learning to photograph your child(ren) while learning to shoot on manual.

Have confidence!  I know you’ll get there!

Photography How-To Eau Claire WI_0056

All for now!


April 8, 2015

Hey.Hey.Hey.  Yep…I’m a little late for my Tuesday 80s Trivia day, BUT…better late than never!  (wink)

Let’s play!

1. what group was “Shooting at th walls of heartache (Bang! Bang!)” in a 1984 hit single?

2. WilyKit and WilyKat were twins on what heroic animated TV series?

answers below images

Here’s a little flashback eye candy for ya!  Raise your hand if you had any of these items?  I remember getting that little chic in an Easter basket one year.

Eau Claire WI Holiday Fun_0051


1. Scandal featuring Patty Smyth (“The Warrior”)

2. ThunderCats

I actually thought #1. was by Heart?!  hummmm…..


Thanks for playing.

All for now!


April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!  I hope you had a wonderful day and were surrounded with someone you love.

I’m not one to make too much of a fuss on Easter day.  The Easter bunny pays a visit. Hides eggs and leaves treats. Then we eat our traditional ham dinner complete with deviled eggs. YUM!

Eau Claire WI Holiday Fun_0050

Eau Claire Easter Photo_0048

Eau Claire Easter Photo_0049

All for now!



April 4, 2015

Warmer days.  Longer light.  New beginnings. Spring Fun. Tradition. Easter.

Traditions. That’s where Govin’s Farm in Menomonie, WI., comes into play for my family.  In the Spring of 2006, Govin’s opened their quaint family farm to the public specifically to view the new lambs just born.  What turned out to be only one weekend in late March, has turned into four weekends of tours providing the Menomonie and Eau Claire area great opportunity to cultivate new family traditions. New beginnings if you well.

I have loved watching this family evolve their business, farm, and marketing over the years and look forward to my yearly visits to see what’s new.  One of the smartest things I’ve seen come from their evolution is offering school field-trips. This brilliant idea, offers a wonderful way for children to experience a friendly farm where they might not have the opportunity to.

Last week, my very own Peyton, got to experience the farm with his 1st grade class.  I was lucky enough to tag along and spend the day with him. Here’s what I captured.

Govins Farm WI Great School Fieldtrips_0045

Eau Claire Location Photographer_0037 Eau Claire Location Photographer_0036

Eau Claire WI Childrens Photographer_0038

Govins Farm Menomonie WI_0039 Govins Farm WI  Kathryn Rose Images Photos_0044

Govins Farm WI  Kathryn Rose Images Photos_0043 Govins Farm WI Cute Photos_0047 Govins Farm WI Cute Photos_0046 Govins Farm WI  Kathryn Rose Images Photos_0042

If you get the chance to stop by, it’s worth your time.

All for now!


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