April 24, 2015

A Summer in Eau Claire is not the easiest to survive when you’ve come from a larger city. Last year I did hear the words “I’m Board!”  from my kids!  Anybody know what I’m talking about? Sometimes my kids wish I could just send them to the YMCA Summer camp!  What the??!

Every Summer. I find it a struggle to entertain my kids and find fun things for them to do and places to go.  Anyone else? Then, I came across this link —->100 Things To Do In Eau Claire <—–  This site gave me a few more ideas to put into play this Summer with my kids! (air fist pump!)  Go check it out and start making your Eau Claire Summer bucket list! You know it’s never too late!

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Summer Ideas_0073

Happy Friday!

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April 22, 2015

Lighting.  Lighting is so important when creating photographs. I prefer natural lighting.  That means I don’t use my flash. Even when it’s a low light setting, I never use my on camera flash when capturing my children. I have nothing against flash photography, it’s just not my style. So this post is about seeing the natural light and setting up your image just right.

A while back I took my kids to the Como Conservatory.  I love the beautiful light that streams in from the windows and being surrounded by green foliage. Sigh….anyhoo….I was just sitting and talking with my daughter, Emily, and enjoying the moment when I asked her for a photo.  Now you need to understand, she’s my hardest child to photograph, because she’s a teenager!  But she agreed to let me take her photo.

The first few photo’s I took, were ok. But if you notice in the photo below, you’ll see strong patches of light fall on her face and shirt. How about the dark shadows under her eyes?  Is this a bad photo? No. Because she’s my child and agreed to let me take her image so I was striking while the fire was hot. But, I know if I took the time to find better light, this photo could be so much better.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Children's Photographer_0072

Let me explain how I took the photo below.  Knowing I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in the above photo. I quickly looked around the area and asked Emily if she could please move to another spot. It was literally just 4 feet away. The spot I found was out of direct sunlight, and mostly full shade. I then used the sidewalk as my natural reflector to light her from below. If you notice how smooth and even her skin looks now. And her eyes have a bit more twinkle to them and those dark shadows are gone now! This better photo, was only because I found better lighting and she agreed to move.

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire WI Children's Photographer_0071

So to recap:

Watch the patchy light on your subjects. Next, if your location isn’t working and you can easily ask your kid(s) to move, then do so. Finally, look for natural reflectors. Chances are, you’ll be standing on them. So look down. (wink)

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April 21, 2015


Let’s play some trivia…

1. What R&B/pop group released their debut album Candy Girl in 1983, which spawned hits such as “Popcorn Love” and “Is This the End”?

2. Name the happy painter who liked to paint happy trees on TV.

So…did you see in the news this morning Full House will be making a come back and Netflix will air the newest spin off.  I never watched this show on a regular bases.  But die-hard fans are still begging for more so Netflix is gonna deliver!  You know what I’d like to see come back?  Fantasy Island. The Love Boat. Or how about Kate and Allie?  Oh…hold the phone…what about the Saturday morning cartoon line up?

Full House


1. New Edition

2. Bob Ross

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April 20, 2015

I have found myself burned out.  I mean…I want to create…just about anything.  But, I’m not feeling very inspired.  I’m still creating work for clients and I have been able to keep up with my “business” creativity, but I think I’m lacking my own personal creativity.  You know, the kind I need to parent well and create fun projects for them.  I’m also thinking if I use the word “create” multiply times, I will be willing myself to become creative. (wishful thinking)  I’ve been more diligent about taking the kids out to places we love, working in the yard, and purging my house. Yes, purging my house. That always makes me feel good. But here’s the vicious cycle…I think know I can make a buck on my cast offs, so I store them in my garage! Annnnd every time I open my garage I see the piles of stuff I need to sell!  I’m my own worst enemy! So….I have decide to take action!  I don’t know what my steps will be, but I will make that my personal goal for the next 2 weeks.

On the business side of things, I’m excited to say I’ve been working on a new website and blog. (clapping hands)  That’s been both fun and stressful! But of course I know I will pull through!

Kathryn Rose Images Eau Claire Photographer

All for now.



April 14, 2015


Ready to play some trivia?

1. Jenny, Chip, and Emma were he three children on What TV sitcom?

2. In 1987, aging icons The Grateful Dead had their biggest hit ever when they cracked the top ten with what song?

3. What actor won the 1988 Oscar for playing a fictional character who was partly based on a real-life criminal named Ivan Boesky?

Cruising Pinterest not long ago, I came across these fun 80s fashion ads.  My oldest sister, actually had a pair of the stripped shorts centered. I only remember this, because I got all her hand-me-downs and I felt too cool for school wearing them!

80s trivia flashback_0068


1. Kate and Allie

2. “Touch of Grey”

3. Michael Douglas (Gordon Gekko in Wall Street)

Thanks for playing!

All for now.


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