January 20, 2016

Hey there!  If you’ve been following along you’d know that the month of January has been set aside for me to catch up on my personal photo projects.  Yep…that’s right…I get the entire month!  I’ve made some good progress, but I have plenty left to do.

As I’m organizing my children’s professional photos that have been taken over the years starting in 1999 with my first baby, I have come across damaged portraits.  In 2010 our basement was flooded and since I stored all of my treasured photos (professional and candid) in the cardboard photo boxes you find at Micheal’s, a few items were ruined. At that time I didn’t throw anything away. I let everything dry out and then placed everything “declared” of value in a bin for safe keeping.  Now that I have the time to look everything over properly I’m finding portraits destined for the trash and I’m ok with that!

Here’s why.

The family photo you see below was taken in 2006 (10 years ago!) while on vacation with our extended family who are not pictured. You can see where the discoloration is at the top and bottom of the photo, it’s brown and water-damaged.  YUCK! I have no problem throwing this image away because this photo wasn’t printed on professional paper and that’s why it looks the way it does.  At the time we made our portrait purchase my family also bought the digital disc in addition with the portrait order and that’s why I was able to make copies at the Wal-Mart lab. Knowing I have a disc of this image somewhere in a bin gives me the confidence to throw this cute family image away and move on.

Family Photo Organizing

Now let’s talk about print quality.  In the photo above you see a small wallet photo of my cute girl and my damaged family portrait.  As you know, the family portrait was printed at Wal-Mart’s 1 hour print lab, and my cute daughters portrait came from a professional studio, printed on professional paper. Her photo also has water damage but you can’t really tell and the color quality stayed intact. If this was the only photo I had of her I would definitely keep it.  How and where you get your photos printed is very important if your thinking about future generations viewing your treasured portraits.

I have now made myself a note to find the said family portrait disc from 2010 and create a more professional copy for each of my kids. But the realization is….if I never find the disc or take action on printing this image again it will be lost forever and I have to be ok with that.

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January 13, 2016

Part of my photo organizing challenge this month includes taking portraits out of frames that are no longer displayed.  If you are anything like me, opening the back of the frame to reveal more portraits layered upon others that you completely forgot about is a wonderful treasure trove!  And I find myself doing the “happy dance” as I head down memory lane.

Upon removing all portraits from the frame, I make sure they are all labeled correctly on the back.  I always include important information such as; name, age, date.  Sometimes I’ll add location.  Something to think about when labeling your images if you happen to be present in them, don’t forget to add your name and age.

If you look at the image below I did a great job adding important information to the back of this sweet portrait of my cute boy 10 years ago.  But when you look closer I clearly made a mistake!  This is obviously a baby photo and I said he was “4yrs” old! My mistake on this portrait might make the new generation question the information written years to come and I surly don’t want that!

Kathryn Rose Images_1173

Finding damaged portraits will not be uncommon.  Just because your portraits are framed doesn’t mean they’re safe from harm. I came across a portrait of my girls completely stuck to the glass at the bottom.  Needless to say I was a bit upset, after all, I did take the precaution to keep my portraits safe by framing them.  Funny to know that great thinking was 12 years ago!

My solution today was to scan the image through the glass of the frame so at least i would have a digital archival file.

Kathryn Rose Images_1171

I’ve outline in the image below where the glass mark shows when scanned along with the damage at the bottom of the portrait.

Kathryn Rose Images_1169

Using a hair dryer set to heat, I warmed up my image and glass to try and remove the sticky portion and not tear the portrait.

Kathryn Rose Images_1168

Once heated, the image was easier to remove and all was not lost. As you can see below.

Kathryn Rose Images_1167

I then scanned in the portrait free of glass and merged both files in Photoshop to create a better master copy and filed the damage portrait in Mallory’s file bin.

**I understand my readers may not have a scanner nor Photoshop knowledge to fix a damaged image. My advice would be, if you come across a photo stuck to glass, leave it alone and find a professional that works with damaged portraits to salvage the piece for you. After all…you should preserve what’s priceless to you. 

Below you’ll see my corrected finished image of my two baby girls who happen not to be babies anymore! (wink)

Kathryn Rose Images_1172

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January 12, 2016

Let’s talk about the past.  And I don’t mean in the sense of “what happen yesterday” kinda of talk.  This month, while on my creative break from work, I’ve turned my focus to preserving my children’s printed portraits and organizing them.  This task has been on my “To Do” list for more than 5 years!  Talk about procrastinating!!  But HEY….let’s move along.  My oldest child, Mallory, will be a senior next year and I need to get what I “deemed” the most important images, art work, school papers, professional portraits, etc,… gathered together, labeled, organized and preserved BEFORE anymore time pasts and let’s face it, I’ll forget why I saved certain items in the first place.

I have bins upon bins of school papers and art work to weed through this month.  Looking at a section in my basement is extremely overwhelming, but my dedication to preserving Mallory’s past and not letting these items sit in the dark collecting dust knowing that I want to celebrate her and preserve her childhood gives me the drive to continue each day.  You will not see me post a photo of my basement corner for fear of being judged.  (wink)

I’m inviting you to come along this journey with me as I blog my progress.

Step 1:  Realistically I can’t hand over the numerous bins of “Mallory Memorabilia” to her without knowing she’d just pitch it all. (wink) So my solution was to get yet another bin…I know…I know…but this one is small and able to hold hanging files.  I picked a few up at Office Max the other day along with acid-free page protectors to place my images in.  I’m pretty happy with my system and it seems to be going fairly fast.

Kathryn Rose Images


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January 6, 2016

Raise your hand if you still have the Magnetic photo albums storing your precious photos from years ago?

Kathryn Rose Images Tips

Kathryn Rose Images Tips

I have 2 left in my possession. Dos. Deux. 2!  My goal for the month of January will be to empty this floral bad-boy and get my precious photo keepsakes into a better album to keep them safe.  My personal preference is to have albums rather than photo boxes.  I just like being able to flip through them.   What do you prefer?

All for now!


January 6, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

I have made a promise to “TRY” very hard and I mean really really putting in some effort to get back on the blog train.  My effort looks like blogging once a week!  Whoa!  I know….that’s huge!  But it’s the right step to take and I think very do-able.


Hope to see you soon!

xx ~K

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