March 26, 2010


I’m not one to watch too much T.V. (you already knew that from this post)

In fact, we hardly watch any as a family.

The kids mostly watch PBS or a favorite DVD.

Anyhoo….I watched a bit of the Super Bowl (I’m not a big sports fan of anything) this year and of course that’s when you see some very creative ad’s come out of the wood work. My favorite was the Old Spice commercial. Talk about WOW! I was amazed to find out this commercial only used  one digital trick and that part is obvious. The rest of the commercial was a set of flying walls, great engineering, and one hot actor who doesn’t flinch or miss a beat.

Of course I’m posting the commercial for your enjoyment.

My question to you… Can you pinpoint when he’s getting on his horse? He’s so sly.

All for now and have a great weekend!