September 02, 2017


Did you know we have something amazing in our own backyard?

Yep…we have the little patch of heaven in the form of a sunflower field right down the road.

If you don’t stop to smell the sun flowers you just might miss it. This is our 3rd year visiting Babbettes Seeds of Hope and we’re looking forward to visiting next year.  After all, it’s become of end of summer family tradition. If you’re around for the long weekend I suggest taking the family out and getting lost in a sunflower maze.  Think about it, how many people can say they’ve been to a sunflower maze?

Here’s a few fun family pictures I took with my Canon.

I wanted to get a photo of all my kiddos together but the lighting conditions were not great.  So let me explain what I did:

Looking at the photo below you see the sunflowers are facing away from my kids.  I would’ve LOVED to have my kids turned around so I could’ve had more sunflower faces and yellow petals in my photo, but that would have put the sun directly on my kids faces. So turning them away from the sun was the only way I could capture them without blinding them.  Then to properly expose for them, I asked them to step to the side where the shade was and get close. At that point I knew I’d get happy faces that weren’t blinded by the sun and a good exposure of the tall sun flower stocks so the kids would know what this photo is about.

Camera Settings:  ISO 100/F 7.1/SS 1/200


If I wanted a good photo of my kids in the field, what time of day would be best to visit Babbetts Sends of Hope?  I’d say early morning or early dinner hours. Then the light won’t be so harsh.

Thanks for stopping by.

xx ~K