September 10, 2013

10-10 Project….oh how I’ve missed you!

My Summer is a blur in my mind, but I was photographing our daily journeys and will be pleasantly surprised at what was documented when I have the time to review and remember.


I seem to have little of this, yet I feel it going by.

Peyton started Kindergarten and Mallory is back in the public school system, which means… for the first time in 14 years of being at home with my children, I came home to a empty house on September 5th.  I knew this day was coming and like a black rain cloud I could see in the distance it slowly crept towards me. My 10-10 project is of that first day of Kindergarten with my lil’man since his emotions almost mirrored mine that day.  Excitement. Uncertainty. Going through the motions.

Peyton in his slumber.  I rose at 2:45 am excited and dreading leaving him all day.

IMG_9506-Edit web

“…how bout’ I find my brother at lunch so we can sit together?”  Peyton 6yo

IMG_9515-Edit web


IMG_9519-Edit web

I love that my kids can walk to school!

IMG_9524-Edit web

Getting his name tag.

IMG_9526-Edit web

His look of uncertainty.  I reassured him he’ll have the BEST day EVER!

IMG_9530-Edit web

My long walk home. by. myself.

IMG_9550 web

A sunny day with no cloud in sight!

IMG_9536-Edit web

I got nothing done this day. I watched the clock until I could go pick my boys up from school.

IMG_9537-Edit web

He had a GREAT day!

IMG_9543-Edit web

Talking about their day and leaving mom behind.

IMG_9552 web

This dirty sock tells me he played, had a fun time, and made new friends in the process.

IMG_9557-Edit web

Thankful to be home with his iPad.

IMG_9560-Edit web

Thanks for following along.

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All for now!