November 07, 2017

Baby girl number two celebrated her 16th birthday this past weekend.  This beautiful child of mine if chock full of sugar and spice. She is a force to be reckoned with and has an amazing combination of book smarts and common sense. I never tire of telling her (and my other babies) how adored, loved, and respected she is. I just want to take a minute and remind her of who she is.


You are steady.

You protect those around you.

You dance.

You are a dreamer.

You are a hustler.

You always want to help.

You laugh.

You encourage.

Your smile brightens a room.

You believe.

My only child with beautiful green eyes that mirror her grandmothers and strawberry blonde hair, I’m beyond blessed that I get a front row seat to watch your future unfold.

Love your number one fan,