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January 02, 2018

Hey. Hey. Hey!

It’s that time of year for me to take a few steps back and shift focus on me. January is always my “ME” month to take care of myself and get things done around my house. Once the kids were outta the house this morning, I sat down next to the warm fire I made and starting making a looooong list of what I wanted to accomplish this month.  I’m just hoping at this point not to let myself down. But if I do, I’ll be kind to myself. Promise.

I hope you’ve made some awesome plans for 2018!

By the way, the studio is closed and will reopen early February.

Thanks for stopping by,

xx ~Kati


November 07, 2017

Baby girl number two celebrated her 16th birthday this past weekend.  This beautiful child of mine if chock full of sugar and spice. She is a force to be reckoned with and has an amazing combination of book smarts and common sense. I never tire of telling her (and my other babies) how adored, loved, and respected she is. I just want to take a minute and remind her of who she is.


You are steady.

You protect those around you.

You dance.

You are a dreamer.

You are a hustler.

You always want to help.

You laugh.

You encourage.

Your smile brightens a room.

You believe.

My only child with beautiful green eyes that mirror her grandmothers and strawberry blonde hair, I’m beyond blessed that I get a front row seat to watch your future unfold.

Love your number one fan,




October 12, 2017

Playful.  Honest.  Vibrant.

Gotta love yellow Tonka trucks, bright striped sweaters, and amazing light.  Couldn’t have asked for a better morning to photograph this cutie with amazing blue eye in the heart of Eau Claire’s downtown area.

Thanks for stopping by.

xx ~K


“You are not in the mountains. The mountains are in you.” John Muir

Photographing in full sun.

Red Rock State Park lies about 15 minutes outside Las Vegas. On our way to LA in 2016 we took a tour of the park and I captured a few images for Mallory’s senior portfolio.

Photographing in full sun is not my first choice, but when it’s my only choice I have to make lemonade outta lemons.  I took the photo’s above at high noon.  Not only did I need to properly expose Mallory, I needed the mountains in the background to tell the story.  It took me awhile driving around to find the right location within the park, but once I did, me and my girl worked fast due to ever-changing lighting scenario.

Here’s how I set up the shot:

  1. Positioning:  Making sure I was facing into the sun and placing Mallory in front of me was key.
  2. Exposure: To properly expose for her skin, I used the desert floor as the natural reflector.
  3. Clothing: Having her wear dark colors meant I could expose properly for her skin without blowing her skin-tone or any highlights.
  4. Background: Having the mountains take up most of the background, I knew there wouldn’t be a blown out sky which would be a common occurrence.
  5. Direction: When photographing her face, I had her turn towards me, away from the sun, to cast even light on her face.
  6. Challenge: The wind. With her long hair I could only photograph her face in one direction so her hair wouldn’t cover her face. Pulling her hair up was not an option, and provided the movement I needed in her photo since she was stationary.

Lens: 50mm  ISO 100/f 2.2/ SS 1/5000

**Having a camera body that has the minimum capability to dial the shutter speed to 1/4000 would be ideal and produce better results.

Happy shooting!

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xx ~K




Fine Art Portraits. Canvas. Wood. Framed Portraits. Books. Albums. Oh My.

How I help you see your family as art goes way beyond digital images.  After all, who wants another “to do” project after your session?

Offering a varied amount of (nothing but the best) heirloom products to my clients is the heartbeat of my business.  More often than not my clients are looking for finished art they can enjoy long after their portrait session has ended. Today, I wanted to share with you the newest product offered to my clients.

Printing on wood.

Heritage Wood Accordions have a Fine Art Paper Mounted directly to 3/4” wood with hand sanded corners to give you that hand-made artisan effect.  No wood color or grain shows through these prints so you get the look of a wood print with true color and clarity in the printed image.

I actually ordered this amazing product to display a few of Mallory’s senior portraits and loved this so much, I replaced my traditional portrait folio offered in my collections with this heritage wooden accordion.  I know my clients are going to love this!

Thanks for stopping by!

xx ~K