January 05, 2018


Is MY month to center myself.

To evolve.

To reflect on my journey and growth from the year(s) before.

To figure out what direction to steer in the coming months.

Pave new paths for myself.

Most importantly, I make sure I’m responsible for my own happiness and discuss this openly with my children and husband.  One core value I focus on in our house is making sure no one is handing the “role of happiness” to another person.  You need to make and hold yourself “happy” accountable.

What I’m doing now besides trying to blog more often – because let’s face it, I need to develop a consistent online presence and that’s something I really really want to work on. Plus it will make me happy! (air fist pump!)

So my HAPPINESS plan is to:

Read a book with the goal it has to be finished by the 31st.

Work one more 1000 piece puzzle.

Continue to make a fire every morning and have coffee and conversation with my daughters, then breakfast with my youngest before he heads off to school.

Attend bible study weekly.

Be a better friend and not be a hermit in these cold months.

Laugh more.

Focus on my health.

Create my 2017 family yearbook.

Whew…I think I could keep listing things, but I want to actually make my list realistic. What about you? What makes you happy? I hope you’re going to do something this weekend that does bring you happiness.

Thanks for stopping by!

xx ~Kati