February 12, 2018

My girls. Emily was recovering from surgery and Mallory would lovingly braid her hair nightly. (captured 1/2017)

She paced along the kitchen floor between the table and counter trying to push off and address the feelings that were building inside her. I broke the silence and questioned “if this was truly what she wanted?”  She could tell by my voice I was on the edge of starting one of my famous “coming to Jesus” talks.  It was inevitable because the fear and dread crept in and she was hesitating and second guessing herself.  If you’re a parent you know what I’m talking about when you see your child suddenly standing still almost paralyzed not wanting to move forward and accepting a complaisant reality.

I reminded her that half the battle is showing up.

She agreed.

So we loaded up the car and drove 2 hours for her to play.

This weekend marked a HUGE moment in our household.  Emily, our baby girl, played in her first soccer game after recovering from an ACL tear that required surgery and a long road of rehabilitation. To say that we haven’t ridden on waves of emotions over the past year would be an understatement. All the extra practices and long training sessions at the gym seemed worth it to her once she took the field.  You know… it was one of those awesome moments where I was happy that Bryan and I were there to support and watch her prove it to herself that she could AND did do it!

I think we all need reminders no mater what the age….half the battle is showing up!

xx ~K